Cat® phones Thermal Imaging Smartphone Makes It to The CTIA Awards Finals

cat s60

On the 12th August the CTIA Super Mobility Show announced that the Cat® S60 thermal imaging smartphone had made it the finals of the Everything Smart Consumer: Devices & Gadgets category.

Judged by a panel of 35 industry experts, reports and analysts, the CTIA Awards celebrate innovative mobile products that transform businesses, buildings and consumers. Combining thermal imaging capabilities with rugged credentials, the Cat S60 fits this bill perfectly by bringing innovative industry-leading technology to tough environments.
“CTIA awards represent the wireless industry’s highest honors in innovation, functionality and technological importance,” said CTIA Show Director and Conventions AVP Heather Lee. “We look forward to showcasing how these mobile products and services will benefit businesses and consumers.”
The Cat S60 is up against 6 other contestants within the Devices & Gadgets category. Click the link below to place your vote: