Bullitt Satellite Connect – the satellite enabled platform & service that provides satellite messaging for Bullitt connected devices internationally. Locating and connecting you to anyone – anywhere.

Available early 2023.


With over a decade of ‘tough tech’ experience, Bullitt Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of rugged phones. Our award-winning and innovative products have consistently led the market with resistant functionality and tailored feature-sets specifically designed and built for extreme working conditions and the hard-knocks of everyday life.


With Cat phones, Bullitt harnessed rare manufacturing experience to the world’s premier rugged technology brand to create unprecedented success in a highly competitive and poorly differentiated market. With a strong and consistent consumer base all over the world (Construction, Emergency Services, Outdoor Professionals) and a clearly defined set of professional needs (Tools, Extreme performance, Work enhancers) we continue to develop products that are both useful and respected.

At Bullitt we continue to explore new opportunities for growing our business, incorporating additional services and capabilities to our portfolio.

In a world where people expect to take their mobiles wherever they go; Bullitt has always believed that technology should be waterproof, drop, dust and scratch proof as a bare minimum. We channel our exceptional expertise into designing, strengthening and toughening devices to build original, category-leading rugged products, under licence, with our global brand partners.


We’re changing the future of mobile messaging with our satellite messaging smartphone.
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