Bullitt Group introduces a
range of new services to support customers in their desire to 'buy once and buy well'

28th February, Reading, UKBullitt Group, pioneers of rugged mobile with over a decade of tough tech experience, today introduced a range of services to enable customers to guarantee the lifecycle of their devices for longer, encouraging an even more sustainable approach across its rugged device portfolio.

The new Bullitt Service Programme represents an extension to the portfolio’s rugged reliability, reinforced through service. It delivers a range of additional packages to cover all eventualities, for complete peace of mind and a quick response to unforeseen accidents or emergencies, reducing the risk of downtime affecting business or personal life.

  • ‘Rugged Care’ and ‘Rugged Care+’ manage the replacement of parts susceptible to wearing out or degradation over time such as the lithium-ion battery, and budget for a fixed repair cost throughout the life of the device. They also include a full device health check and clean for preventative maintenance.
  • ‘Business Edition’ is now offered on selected Cat® devices, ensuring customers can benefit from an additional year of manufacturer warranty where required, prolonging device lifecycles and encouraging more sustainable consumption across the rugged portfolio.

These services ensure any investment in a Bullitt device is secure, with repairs carried out to its exacting specifications via Bullitt’s own extensive network of repair centres covering 50 countries around the world, with guaranteed rapid repair turnaround times and the use of genuine manufacturer parts.

"Rugged Care and Care+ are built directly on our proprietary service intelligence. From having devices running in the most demanding environments for over a decade, we have tailored these packages to not only keep our devices running at optimal performance for even longer, but also to pre-empt potential issues.

With inherently longer rugged device lifecycles, we want to encourage greater sustainability and our Service Programme is an important part of it. We took some big steps in 2021 in this direction and have plans to go further in 2022.”

Nathan Vautier, CEO Bullitt Group

For example, in April 2021 Bullitt removed the charger from the box of the Cat B40 and Cat S42H+ devices. By December 2021 this change had saved 2000m2 of cardboard by using smaller boxes – almost enough to cover 5 basketball courts and saved 6 tonnes of plastic. Reducing the box size has saved 9.3 tonnes of cargo weight and saved 53 tonnes in green-house gas emissions through reduced freight*.

According to CCS Insight’s Connected Consumer Radar, there is evidence that consumers want devices that last longer, that are more energy-efficient, and can be affordably repaired. Bullitt specialises in producing highly durable products, helping customers avoid unnecessary smartphone replacements and avoid the disruption and inconvenience associated with broken phones.

"Our research shows that people are increasingly keen to get the most value from their mobile phones. In our latest survey more than half said they would like to use their device for as long as it works, and over 40% want to be able to have it repaired when it breaks. We believe this is driven by a desire to save money but also the growing sensitivities related to the environmental impact of replacing gadgets too often."

"It is little surprise there is a growing desire to offer more robust devices that last longer. This is arguably the most helpful thing device makers can do for the planet. We believe this trend is only going to get stronger, and companies that embrace it early will be well placed to see the benefits to their brands in the future.”

Marina Koytcheva, VP Forecasting at technology research firm CCS Insight

Bullitt is committed to working sustainably. Measures already taken include:

  • It has been awarded a Silver EcoVadis medal, within our first year, and received a score greater than 89% of companies assessed in the mobile industry
  • It is a launch partner in the Eco Rating initiative, backed by Europe’s leading MNOs. The Cat S42 H+ was among the first devices to be tested, achieving an Eco Rating of 78
  • It is an Affiliate Member of the Responsible Business Alliance, and is working to its Responsible Minerals Initiative, implementing the code of conduct through its supply chain
  • Bullitt now produces CSR reports aligned to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) requirements. The company will report progress on an annual basis from 2022.

For details visit www.bullitt-group.com/services

*Calculated using online tools at ecotransit.org and carboncare.org

About Bullitt Group

Bullitt Group are the pioneers of rugged mobile with over a decade of ‘tough tech’ experience. Since its formation in 2009, Bullitt has consistently led the market with its innovation and won international awards for its tough mobile products. Bullitt designs, manufactures and distributes millions of mobile phones to over 70 markets worldwide.

Bullitt is the global licensee for Cat® (Caterpillar Inc.) and Motorola for mobile phones and related peripherals. Its portfolio is constantly learning and evolving through rugged consumer research and development, using its exceptional expertise at strengthening and toughening mobile technology for the demands of extreme working conditions and hard knocks of everyday life.

Bullitt Group’s Head Office is in Reading, England with additional office locations in the United States, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Germany and Australia.

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