Rugged is in our blood. Manufactured to be tough.

For over 100 years, Cat® has made some of the most reliable rugged machines and engines ever seen. The Cat® badge symbolises extreme quality, remarkable performance and above all else, technological innovation. Our comprehensive range of market-leading rugged smartphones are no different.

Unlike traditional phones, Cat phones are engineered to work under extraordinary conditions; from dust and mud filled construction sites to bustling and heavily automated warehouses and distribution hubs.

Cat® Q10

5G mobile internet hotspot

Cat® S62 Pro

The ultimate work phone with FLIR® thermal imaging

Cat® S42 H+

The essential work phone with hygiene+ innovation

Cat® B40

The professional 4G feature phone with hygiene+ innovation

Cat phones exclusively available for customers across the USA and South America

Being able to take a kicking (drop, water and dust proof) and having the highest MILSPEC and IP protection ratings no longer means that phones need to be basic and ugly.  Our latest smartphones also use the most advanced materials and machine finishes and are designed to be as stylish as they are rugged.

Cat® S62

The ultimate work phone

Cat® S22 Flip

The modern flip

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